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How to Make a "This Is Your Life" Video

This Site Shows You How to Build a "This Is Your Life" Home Movie

The purpose of this site is to inspire and help people make a great gift for their mom (or anyone else) -- a "This Is Your Life" video created personally for them.  This site gives step-by-step instructions on how to set up and create a "This is Your Life" video like this.  Each of the 10 steps is detailed in the navigation bar on the left.  As you can see in our guestbook, this site has helped people around the world do this, so why don't you join them?  

Why I Built this Site

I created one of these videos for my mom in 2006 and the reactions I got inspired me to share the experience.  At the unveiling, I had my Mom and her extended family all shedding tears of joy as we relived what a wonderful life she has led and how much she has meant to all of us.  My mom literally told me the video changed her life and helped her realize how important she is to those around her.  Since that unveiling, she has practically burned out the DVD showing it to countless friends and other family members, recreating those same wonderful emotions.  I also got several  notes from other family members telling me how wonderful of a gift that was and how they were inspired to do the same for their loved ones.  Here are some notes my relatives sent me (unprompted) after seeing the movie with my Mom:

  • "Wow!  I don't know how I can ever thank you enough for the 'This is your Life'... my life ... DVD.  This is the 5th time I have seen it... so many tears of joy!!  My sister said that she showed it to a friend of hers and you can add her to the teary list!"  -- My Mom
  • "Thanks for your thoughtfulness in putting together the 'special' birthday production for your mother...  It was Excellent and very professionally done.  The dedication and time you devoted to the perfect production was very touching to me and I know it was to your mother!!!" -- My Dad
  • "I mentioned to your mom that at her funeral that DVD should be played.  She said she already beat me to it as she said she talked to you about it.  Hope you realize how special that DVD is to so many people - not just your mom...  Can't get over how the music went with the pictures.  Never heard some of them.  It was so good." -- My Aunt
  • "Your DVD presentation was one of the highlights of the (surprise birthday party) weekend...  A few days later, we had a birthday party for my father in law.  My husband wrote a beautiful note to his dad explaining how he had been, and continues to be, an important role model for his family.  My husband told me that you had inspired him to take the time to write a sentimental note." -- My Cousin

In addition to generating these kind of emotions, I also found the experience to be quite rewarding to me in another way.  By putting together the story of my mom's life, I got to see her grow up in a virtual sense, which was a nice turnabout since she got to see me grow up.  I learned a lot about the things in my mom's early life that probably shaped her into the wonderful person she grew up to be.

I spent the time putting this site together because I thought that if it even helped one person do that, it would be worth it.  (See the guestbook to see results thus far.)  This site will give you pointers on how to surprise your mother (or other loved one) with a "This Is Your Life" video as well.  It is based on the lessons I learned by building one for my mom.  Hopefully, by using these tips, you can also make your mom (or other important people in your life) feel this special.




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